What do you and Jesus have planned for the summer?

Jesus and Summer

What do you and Jesus have planned this summer?

This week’s blog has been reprinted, with permission. This article was the Pastor’s Letter in the July issue of the congregation’s newsletter.

By Rev. Paul Schmidlin, Pastor, King of Glory Lutheran Church, Sylvania, OH

Ah, summer! I want to ask you, what do you and Jesus have planned for this summer? I hope the question doesn’t surprise you – after all, Christians regard Jesus as the Lord and Master of all things.

Please do not keep your faith as a special event to be celebrated only on Sunday.

I was recently reading thru the gospels and was struck by the many ways people responded to Jesus.

Most were observing and marveling at what He could do – like when we attend sporting events and watch. We enjoy the action and hope to witness something special. In this way, Jesus was spectacular. He healed people before their very eyes! I am sure there were a lot of dinner conversations expressing amazement; lots of speculation and tons of questions! Because of the things He was saying, some thought of Him as a threat and wanted to challenge Him; and later, eliminate Him. Still others began to look at Him as a resource to gain things – advice, healing, food… .  There was another group – they chose to always be with Him. These He invited to follow Him. To some of these, He gave special tasks (Judas got to be treasurer). To all, He coached them, taught and equipped them.

Jesus is still with us today. Which group would you consider yourself a part of? Of course, we all know the Sunday School answer: the last group. But there are times in life when we need to allow the Holy Spirit to check us and help us do an analysis of ourselves. Today is as good as any other day to do that, so let me put you on the spot. Honestly, where do you fit? Is that position and attitude where you really want to be?

A word of encouragement: Jesus picked you. He picked you to live with Him forever. Until he calls you through death’s gate, He will walk with you each day through every activity; He will “never leave you, nor forsake you.” So, what do you and Jesus have planned for this summer? The answer is important!

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What do you and Jesus have planned for the summer? Share in the comment section.


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